Machine Intelligence

This is our ‘first assignment’. It gets top priorety.
Although we are not the originators of this technology, we would love to be the first to bring it to public benfit.
The expected result of this project is self-aware machines.
Although the technology can be applied to any maechanical system in general, it goes without saying that we and our parteners are all looking forward to human-shaped machine ‘people’.
It also goes without saying that this is going to open a whole can of ethics worms that are going to need to be worked out.
One thing at a time though.


A support project based on Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), this technology is also known as 3D printing. The purpose of our FDM work was to provide prototype parts for our robotics. While the intended fruit is taking time to mature, we’ve found other benefits from this line of work such as a small revenue stream from printer parts sales.


A support project, in order for our intelligent machines to be able to move and interact with the world, we have to provide them with bodies with which to do so. Our first successful ventures have been the Prusa i3 printer kit, which enabled plastic parts fabrication, and a small robotic arm, the structural parts of which were printed on our in-house fabricator.

Cyber Security

Because of the risk presented by security weaknesses, it has become necessary to invest time & effort in preparing against the many varied threats of the cyber realm. We have prepared not only for our own benefit but also to help others secure their assets as well. Read more about this project in services section.

Threat Analysis

This project specifically portrays the spirit of the law driving all of our work – to love our neighbors. Through threat analysis, we have the opportunity to express our love by looking to the defence and well being of others and their investments by helping them prepare against harm on a wide variety of potential fronts.

Emergency Response

Once we are established and settled, we hope to be able to support first responders through a variety of helps including technology based force multiplication, intelligence and education.