Marlin on Atmega1284p

I’ve had to reinstall Marlin on my Prusa i3 a few times now.

Last time I think divine guidance may have helped me find the right combination of files and versions to get it working. Unfortunately, I failed to leave myself good notes and have recently had to do it all over.
Don’t be me, keep notes somewhere you will know to look for them.

For the benefit of anyone else who has to battle this particular setup, here’s what I learned.
First, You will need a copy of Marlin that is setup for the Melzi board.
Good News: RepRap Pro Ltd. has a special version of Marlin setup to run on a Melzi board.
Bad News: RepRap assumes you are doing this on their printer. If that isn’t the case, you may run into issues with using other sensors or parts.

In my case, the┬áthermocouplers on my machine don’t work the same way as the thermistors that the RepRapPro Mendel Mono comes with, so my temp reading were all wrong and not easy to adjust even in Marlin.

There is a version of Marlin somewhere that both works with the Melzi AND still has the wider range of component options that is available in normal versions.

I had a copy stashed for safe keeping, thankfully I was able to find it.

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