The Projects

Imagine if you could build an intelligent android that would keep your house picked up. That’d be cool, right?

Now imagine thousands of autonomous, intelligent, skilled machines and how much good they could do, processing landfills back into into recycled materials, or assisting elderly that need constant monitoring, or taking the place of humans in high risk situations, or even, just taking care of some tedious task that no-one else has time handle. This is our vision, this and more.
We have the tech … almost. It isn’t completely working yet but this technology is our main project.

Introduction: The Pilgrim

Because of the many, many needs around the world, in so many areas, that intelligent machines could fill, we feel a pressure to finish this work – we’re compelled to push on, to finish what the father of Machine Intelligence, Dr. James Gouge, started.
The pressure to do this work is more than just necessity, we’re also commanded by God to do this good thing that He has set before us; ‘love thy neighbor as thyself.’ and ‘whatsoever thine hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might,’. This world is not our home but while we are here, this is our primary mission – to serve the Maker, using the gifts He has given us to share His love with the world and point every soul to Him.

Introduction: The Mage

Through this technology and others, we can ease the burdens and risks that our fellow humans face on a daily basis. We recognize that part of the nature of emerging technology such as this is the risk for abuse and harm and this, along with ethical issues surrounding sapient machines, are a continual meditation and interest.

This is the kind of project that Pilgrimmage Projects was founded to grow and bring to maturity. We have plenty of awesome tech in the works and plenty more that we hope to explore in the future but in every endeavor we begin with an evaluation of it’s merits and potential for good. We cannot afford to waste precious days and hours, and yet, there are balances to maintain, family, society, and so many, many needs to address. We cannot hope to do it all but this we know, that Jesus Christ sits on the throne, and that though there are storms and trials ahead a bright future is promised in time.

The Team

I’m Phillip Huffman, founder and primary developer behind the tech projects. My wife Sara provides logistics, keeping us fed and sane, and trying to keep us socially acceptable. My father, Harold, is our connection to the emergency response and safety world, providing a second pair of hands and occasionally keeping me from trying less amenable ideas, like trying to reach the moon with a backyard rocket.


for taking a little time to learn about us. We hope to soon be able to offer the opportunity for our visiting friends to support our labors but for now we invite you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.